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The creation from Maurizio Tramontana and Tomás Ferrari borned during winter of 2016. The italian-argentinian duet started their first steps in Mar del Plata (Argentina), the city where they developed their interests and love to this musical gender. Thanks to this passion, they investigated and learned to play some musical instruments, like piano, guitar and drums.
This instruments inspired their beginning in musical production. Despite of their early age, Beico & MT93, recently began to make a strong appearance in the local and world industry. With just two years of career as musical producers, their creations reached unexpected success in record labels like “Riot Recordings” from Frankyeffe and “Renesanz” from Balthazar & Jackrock. Months passed, and with hard work, the duet started to find a solid and personal sound, which took them to produce for the best record labels worldwide.

Today, we found them in labels like Suara Music from the spanish DJ/producer Coyu, where they produced a 4 tracks EP called ETERNITY. They all entered the top 100 in Beatport. We also found them in “Kraftek” from Pleasurekraft, where they reached their dreams. Their first no1 techno track in Beatport, with their hit, “LET THERE BE DARK”, is heard and danced worldwide. They also are in the labels “Phobiq” from Sasha Carassi and “Respekt” from the duo Spektre. Beico & MT93 are an intense and irrational project, characterized for the variety in their melodies, linking a techno sound.