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Famed for his intoxicating 10-hour sets and playing regularly at Amnesia Ibiza, André Galluzzi has been a vinyl DJ for over 25 years, with residencies at Tresor, Ostgut and Berghain. The past two decades have seen him release on labels like Cadenza, Cocoon, Ostgut Ton and Highgrade; he is also co-founder of Taksi Records and label head of Aras.
He took up studio cooperation with several talents including Guido Schneider, resulting in various favored releases like ‘Albertino’ and ‘Mario’. Receiving a wave of incredible feedback, his first solo concept album ‘Alcatraz’ on Aras label created a storm of media attention.

Regardless of his busy schedules, André always makes time for creativity and continues to push boundaries to surprise yet another generation of dance floor dwellers.